A Little Zen

Dear World,

Right now is the most important time. The future is an abstract. It is constantly changing, based on the passing of each occurring moment. The past informs us. If today could potentially be the last, why waste it worrying and fretting about the things in life that lie beyond our control? Let the unknown be the unknown and savor the here and now. Explore. Discover. Seek out pleasure and harmony both within and as a positive force in your community. Sow the seeds of tomorrow. Pursue clarity. A pursuit of clarity awakens the mind and gives us purpose outside of the self, which leads to discovery, which leads to better understanding which is, of course, pleasure. Sure, there are potholes and hidden turns – forks in the road, but those are the moments that challenge us, that keep life interesting – encourage us to grow. Otherwise, we'd become stagnant, whither and die. What then, would be the point of it all?

The leaves are changing color. The air is crisp and fragrant. Unplug, power down and reconnect. PAUSE. Take a moment to find your center. Revel in the fact that you are alive – right here, right now. 

Love always,
– your local Artist at Large