Hi-Ho The Merry-OH

This semester has been pretty stressful, but in a good way. There's been a better balance between the moments when I feel brilliant and awesome and the moments when I feel like a total dumbass. Last semester, I felt far less brilliant.

None-the-less, onward I go.

I have been fairly successfully adapting my knowledge bank to now incorporate digital tools, eg: The Monoprice Graphic Drawing Tablet in conjunction with Autodesk's Sketchbook Pro.

To me, the combo has a way better feel and provides sweeter results than clunky old Photoshop or Illustrator. As it is specifically designed for electronic drawing, files export easily into Adobe and -- assuming one has choice hardware -- is quite versatile and is impressively accurate. Essentially, I can VERY closely mimic traditional drawing techniques. I can't say if I like one approach over the other, though, I do like that I am saving trees.   :)

As I play with and explore this new toy, I will report back to you my findings and thoughts and such.

On Fridays, I co-teach a six hour illustration/techniques class in conjunction with my three hour Teaching Methods class on Thursdays. It has been way more rewarding than I initially thought it would be. I say stuff, they do it. They ask questions, I drop my extensive wisdom on them.

BOOM. Like a boss!

Also, I'm writing again, so that's a good thing. I've been sitting in on a bi-weekly advanced workshop and feel like I may actually have a solid manuscript of my novel ready to go by August!

Meanwhile, I am researching artists and dusting off my geometry skills to better realize and put into action my semester two project. As of today, I am moving into the next phase, which is to sort out a location, sketch out some concepts and make a model or three. Below are some possibilities...                      


Today's inspiring genius is artist: Felice Varini