Caffeine Headache

It's one of those days during one of those weeks that stretch painfully into one of those lifetimes as I find myself yet again herded into a line of anxious consumers – one nation under economy.

I honestly cannot think of anything in my everyday day-to-day that doesn't involve some kind of Queue… From grocery stores to theme parks, to movies and the DMV, we seem to exist in a perpetual state of anticipation.

Powerless against such an intangible foe, I find myself frustrated by association: a politely muttering malcontent desperate to hurry up and wait so that I may rush on to my next task where I can again be swept away by this maddening mobius of pointlessness. 

This is where my head is as I creep ever closer to what will be the day's first cup of coffee. Sweet, sweet nectar of the gods… I'm not a morning type of guy but with a reasonable amount of caffeine in my system, I can fake it. Such is the lot of the chronic insomniac: you're never really asleep, never fully awake. Instead, you hopelessly fumble through life outside your thoughts at the mercy of lingering dementia.

In truth, it's probably a good thing for me that I have this time to reflect on what has to be accomplished before I can again face the mattress in battle:

  1. Research and analyze other two-dimensional artists attempting to commandeer the third dimension.
  2. Plan my take over of the campus-based spring art sale.
  3. Finish my current painting.
  4. Lunch.
  5. Write a blog posting.
  6. Address that noise the car keeps making.
  7. Bench 195lbs.
  8. Lie about benching 210lbs.
  9. Complete updates to my new website.
  10. Do homework.

This all has to be accomplished by 11:59pm EST. That's less than sixteen hours from now and the clock is tick, tick, ticking... And yet, here I am – losing patience, moments and my mind waiting, waiting, waiting for a simple. F**king. Cup of coffee.