"Father of the Year"
"Mother Inferior"
"The Soloist"
"Deja Vu"
"One Night in Paris"
"Heart and Soul"
"True Confessions"
"Miriam" (original album art)
"T.otal K.nock O.ut"
"Gun Moll"
"The Venus of Typography"
"Truth in Advertising"
"Liar, Liar"
"Rome is Burning"
"Adam's Apple"
"A Damn Shame"
"Man's Ruin: The Expulsion from Paradise"
"Vanishing Points"
"Norma Jean"
"Devirgining the Wallflower"
"Reflections For a Rainy Day"
"Our Lady of S.elf I.ndulgent N.arcissim"
"Between the Lines"
"I Get Around"
"Pillow Talk"
"Simon Said"
"L.ast S.tage of D.elerium"
"Point Break"
"An Illusion of Self"
"The Conflict of Enlightenment"
"A Little Tricky"
"Spinning Free"
"Pay Attention to Me"
"A Regrettable Decision"
"Reconstructing Venus"
"Chill Out"
"Identity" (detail)
"Mona RGB"
"My First Time"
"Just a Thought"
"A Little Relief"
"The failing Luna"
"A Muslim Woman"
"Sins of the Father"
"To the Left"
"Basket case"
"An Interesting proposal"
"Mid Summer"
"A Bad Case of the Giggles"
"New Shoes"
"Julia in Red"
"The Morning After"
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